Melanie Georgacopoulos is pleased to present ‘Cube’, the latest offering from her ongoing exploration into mother of pearl.

The new collection comprising of fifteen pieces is designed for everyday wear and focuses on the juxtaposition of Melanie’s signature pearl with a cube, constructed seamlessly from mother of pearl. Their identical size leads you to view them as equally important elements, allowing MOP to be deservedly considered in the same realm as its traditionally more desirable counterpart.

Familiar in their materiality, yet opposing in their shape, the roundness of the pearl comes at odds with the angular, sharp cube. The paired elements also cleverly allude to the origin of both materials. The cube appears like a box in which to house the pearl; reminiscent of the oyster shell, which acts as a vessel during the creation of a pearl.

The collection is a playful exploration of contrasting forms and colours distilled in simple wearable pieces.

‘Cube’ argues beautifully the position and status of MOP, but at it’s core it is a joyful celebration of Melanie’s two signature materials. These are lively, versatile pieces for a woman who appreciates simple, classic design with a unique twist.