The effortlessly elegant Flow collection features 18ct gold streams flowing around large grey or lavender freshwater pearls.

Presenting pared down silhouettes taken from Melanie’s colourful Glow collection; Flow offers simpler, everyday alternatives in 18ct yellow or white gold with 8-10mm freshwater pearls.

The large pearls that punctuate every piece appear to be invisibly attached as if caught in a current and temporarily lodged in the stream of gold that comprises each piece. Notable pieces include Melanie’s ever strong bangles, single and double rings. Striking aesthetics and functionality are not all they offer; a sensual feeling is granted to the wearer as the naked pearl sits closely against their skin, adding further to the perception of preciousness these pieces hold.

A testament to understated style, the collections’ structural simplicity is key to its success. Melanie’s understanding of traditional craftsmanship paired with her expert design sense assures these forward thinking jewels will be timeless classics.