Glow signifies the first time Melanie has used coloured gemstones alongside her trademark pearls.

Drawing inspiration from a summer time sky during sunset, the collection is composed of pieces made in 18ct rose & white gold paired with colour graduating sapphires that range from pink to yellow to grey.

This collection is yet another chapter in Melanie’s ongoing exploration in contemporary pearl jewellery, playing with intriguing colour combinations that will surprise and entice the modern woman. Glow is a step in a new direction, as for the first time since the establishment of the brand, Melanie has incorporated sapphires alongside luminescent pearls. Sapphires have been worn by royalty throughout the ages as a symbol of good fortune, virtue, wisdom and holiness. The ancient Persians even believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection coloured the sky.

Once again, Melanie uses traditional craftsmanship, and plays with the long standing relationship between pearls and faceted stones to push her creativity to a new level, with strong design elements and bold colour pallets.

The result is a collection that is fresh, innovative and timeless yet relies upon thousands of years old values and setting techniques.