Melanie Georgacopoulos is thrilled to present Hexad, a collection of pearl rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in 18ct yellow gold, that are designed to become your everyday stapes.

Groups of three, four, six or nine pearls in satisfyingly geometric order sit effortlessly on the ear lobes, caress the fingers or wrist, or hang on quietly sparkling chains from the neck. Every item has been designed for maximum comfort, allowing these pieces to become at one with the wearer.

By focussing on geometry in its purest forms, these paired back jewels playfully celebrate the notion of being together, something that we have learnt not to take for granted over the last couple of years.

Featuring easy to wear 4mm round freshwater pearls, these subtle, yet sophisticated pieces are currently available in three colourways, with either white, peacock or mixed pearls. We are also offering a custom service allowing you to order any item from this collection in your desired colour combination, resulting in a personal and unique piece to keep forever.