MOP Facets

MOP Facets continues Melanie’s ongoing exploration of the pearl, but tilts the focus to the often overlooked by-product of the pearl industry, MOP. Although widely used, MOP has never reached the symbolic status of traditional precious gemstones; these new pieces playfully question this, inviting us to consider why, and what it is that adds preciousness or value to a piece of jewellery.

From this underrated flat material, Melanie has created seamless, faceted three dimensional forms that mimic popular diamond and emerald cuts; silhouettes reminiscent of her popular Caged and Couture collections. Taking advantage of the full range of natural colours, the collection showcases richly iridescent golds, peacocks, pinks and whites, in some cases paired with matching Freshwater or South Sea pearls. The colourful diamond and emerald shapes are matched with 18ct yellow or white gold, transforming them into wearable pendants, bangles, earrings and rings.

The ambiguous forms push further Melanie’s exploration into the relationship between gemstones and pearls in contemporary jewellery. The collection is a celebration of MOP and aims to shine new light on this humble material and its many rich, jewel-like qualities.