In her original jewellery line Melanie Georgacopoulos continues to explore the endless aesthetic possibilities of the pearl as the epicentre of the modern woman’s accessory. Seemingly vulnerable, feminine, yet tough and enduring, the pearl’s symbolic contradictions are juxtaposed throughout each collection with the application of innovative techniques and a surprising use of materials.

Each collection embodies the designer’s signature theme explored in new and exciting ways. Pieces include structured statement necklaces, intriguing double rings, earrings with pearls moving playfully inside 18ct gold diamond cages and most recently suprising colour combinations appear in pieces where glowing sapphires are set against luminesenct white pearls. 

The deconstruction of age old concepts about classic pearl jewellery anchors each collection; constantly defying convention, Melanie Georgacopoulos brings the pearl to new domains of art, architecture and high fashion, whislt retaining its quality as a wearable and ageless accessory.