Melanie, alongside fellow jewellery designer Alice Cicolini debuted their most recent collaboration, an investigation into the relationship between the machine and the hand in relation to 3D technology.

At the event Melanie presented two limited edition necklaces made completely from ABS plastic. As often in Melanie’s work, she referenced classic pearl and diamond jewellery. Through the method of 3D printing Melanie was able to achieve the otherwise impossible, throughout the length of the necklaces, a ‘pearl’ appears to morph into a ‘diamond’. Alice Cicolini also created two necklaces, one necklace in silver, maple and 3D printed porcelain, and the second in stratified ABS & SLA plastic. The concept behind both the designer’s work was to create pieces that could not be made with traditional techniques, which bring together elements of both fine jewellery and product design.

At the end of the presentation Andrée Cooke led an intimate conversation with Melanie and Alice, discussing and raising questions about their new collaboration.