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“Jewellery Art Workers” (J.A.W), the Association of Greek jewellery designers, is happy to announce the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition S Y M B O L S, from May 31 to June 9, at the Old Retorts of the Industrial Gas Museum, at Technopolis – City of Athens.

42 Artists – Distinguished Designers participate in a dialogue around contemporary symbolism taking the form of pieces of jewellery, with the use of various materials and mediums.
These pieces of jewellery resist the ravages of time and arrive in the future as fragments carrying coded information – symbols of our times.

The past is reinterpreted, the present is recorded and the messages are carried to the future, using Inspiration as their guide and Art as their vehicle!

Art Video and Performances will be also presented and jewellery workshops and guided tours will take place during the exhibition hours.

Melanie took part in this exhibition with one of her statement pieces.

“Circle of Life”

“Circle of Life” is a necklace to celebrate all small or big things in life and to express the harmony that is between nature’s varied elements. This is expressed with the use of pearls in very small and very large sizes graduating and aligned to create a circle.